Monday, September 12, 2011

Lip Mix: Sunday Glow (Barry M Sunset Lip Paint + Barry M Peachy Pink Lip Paint)

Barry M Sunset Lip Paint + Barry M Peachy Pink Lip Paint, with matching nails
How's your weekend been? Mine has - like all weekends - been too short, and am not looking forward to Monday.

But to perk myself up for the next few days, I've painted my nails a bright peachy pink, and for dinner tonight, I've painted my lips to match.

Barry M 151 Sunset Lip Paint + Barry M 147 Peachy Pink = a bright, pastel peachy pink.
(If you think it's troublesome to reapply a mixture when you're out, let me assure you it's not rocket science. I just apply the paler peach-pink shade, then run the coral shade over it, both directly from the tube. No brushes, no fingers, nada. It takes me the same amount of time to touch up a single shade.)

For nails, I used something from the local drugstore's bargain bin, and it's un-numbered, so I think it would be more helpful for me to just tell you Barry M's Pink Flamingo Nail Paint would be a lovely alternative.


  1. Love this!

  2. are u sure the photo above is of the 2 lip colors u mentioned? Just want to make sure-seems like the photo is quite light for using those 2 colors. Getting ready to purchase them both and hope I get this exact lip color-just want to make sure -please respond :-)


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