Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Look: Pearls and Oysters (Greyscale makeup featuring MAC Vex Eye Shadow)

MAC Vex shadow with Coastal Scents Antique Silver mix* and Eylure Nicola lashes
I've always been fascinated by duochrome shadow shades, and it's no wonder that Vex is one of my all-time favorite shadows from MAC. It's a soft pale oyster grey with a pink shift, and has a texture very similar to my other favorite, Patina, in that the base is a satiny demi-matte, and the pearl sheen is very subtle.

Step 1: Start with a good eyeshadow base, and then pick up a generous amount of Vex shadow (or any pale pearl-grey) with a blending brush. Spritz the loaded brush with mixing medium like MAC Fix+ to foil the shadow and then buff it gently onto the inner half of the lids, extending down to the inner corners.

Step 2: Then pack a deeper gunmetal grey over the outer half of the lid, foiling it the same way you did the paler shade. I used a pressed pigment I mixed myself using a deep antique silver with pale violet sparks, but you can try MAC Softwash Grey (soft), MAC Scene (medium) or Urban Decay Gunmetal (deep).
Run along the lower lash line as well.

Step 3: Use a matte black shadow to line the upper lids in a slight wing, and  then use a blending brush to  deepen the outermost corners of the eyes for more contour if you're using a softer grey.

Step 4: Apply black liquid liner just along the upper lash line, and if you have a steady hand,  UNDER the lashes along the tide line, keeping just to the base of the lash roots. This will give you that absolutely black, super-thick lash line without having to overdo the liner. (If you go too far down, your liner will run into your eyes. Not fun.)
Then finish by curling lashes and applying dramatic false lashes, and mascara on the bottom lashes. I used Eylure Nicola lashes, which I love.

Final Look: Greyscale with a duo-tone twist. Perfect for that evening soiree.

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