Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Evening: Cherries and Violets (NYX Chic Red Round Lipstick)

Rich, crimson lips can brighten up your complexion, and you don't necessarily need to pair it with pale, neutral eye makeup or kitten liner. For nice Fall evenings (or just any night out on the town), you can pair colored eye makeup with strong lips if the application remains soft and smoky.

Step 1: To soften the overall look if you have dark hair, lighten your hair a tad  with either light-colored brow mascara. I didn't have any so I applied clear mascara, and then used a disposable wand to apply a metallic beige pigment over the coated brows.
Step 2: I  wanted to keep the look smoky so I chose a smoky purple instead of a bright (that would look too 80's). Try The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 07 in Ruby, which is a shimmery eggplant.

Step 3: Apply a deep purple metallic liner along the lash lines and water line as well. To keep the lash line dark, apply liquid liner along the tide line (under the upper lashes) to cover up any white underneath. Skip this if you have runny eyes.

Step 4: Apply full false lashes to finish the look.

For a little extra pop, you can always add a bit of brighter purple right in the inner corners. 

There are many great dark red lipsticks, but one of the best and most affordable deep crimson shades that is not too orange, not too plum, not too brown, and not too black, is NYX Chic Red. It's highly-pigmented, very creamy, and just a hair cooler-toned than a true scarlet, which makes it flattering on most skin tones.

For this look, I skipped powder and used just a bit of deep rosy blush (NYX Dusty Rose) because when I'm wearing a lot of stronger colors, dewier skin keeps everything from looking too old-fashioned.

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