Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation, Loose Powder and Healthy Glow Invisible Powder compact

Dior's updated the Nude range with 3 new products under the "Nude Air" series; a Serum Foundation, Loose Powder, and a pressed compact Healthy Glow Invisible Powder.

The first thing to talk about would be the drop-dead gorgeous silver packaging with the signature Dior quilting on the caps. Everything is sleek and luxe, from the silver dropped foundation bottle, to the silver capped loose powder, and the quilted compact powder which would be at home in any Dior bag. 

 But all the packaging in the world would not be any good if the products themselves can't perform.
After all, there are beautiful luxurious products everywhere.

The original Diorskin Nude range was designed to be skin-like and natural. And the Diorskin Nude Air range shares that characteristic, but also differs in 2 key ways. 
  1. Texture/feel: the new range is free of talc, and formulated with volatile oils, so it goes on weightlessly and sets quickly, leaving only pigments. Compared to the previous Nude liquid formulation, this has almost no discernible texture on the skin. 
  2. Skincare properties: Nude Air products contain a proprietary formula of plant oils, vitamins, and minerals to provide antioxidants and essential fatty acids, treat and nourish the skin, as well as a "hyper-oxygenated" base which delivers oxygen to the skin.

A drop of Diorskin Nude Air running lightly down the back of my hand

Nude Air Serum Foundation

The liquid is ultra-light, like all of the new generation of volatile oil foundations. It blends out extremely smoothly, but doesn't feel like it will smear around endlessly or looking patchy, as some foundations can. The coverage is light-medium; not as heavy as alternatives like NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation.

The closest alternative in terms of coverage and the soft-focus velvet (matte with a slight glow) texture would be Armani's Maestro foundation. I own both, but I do have to say the Diorskin Nude Air formulation is quite a bit more sophisticated.

Diorskin Nude Air foundation coverage

That's because it's more lightweight than many of its volatile oil foundation predecessors, so it blends out quicker and more evenly. But at the same time, the pigments are much finer grained and more translucent, so it almost feels like you won't get any coverage. But these translucent pigments manage to blur flaws and unevenness so effectively that I look like I applied light concealer above. My veins, dark circles, and light marks are hidden so effectively that I was extremely surprised because the foundation was so lightweight.

But the best thing for me is that the natural-looking glow of the skin is not gone. Another favorite of mine - NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation - has the same ultra light texture and a coverage that surpasses this, but it gives more of a matte finish and will not be able to create that
no makeup makeup" illusion.

There is no SPF so you will need to wear your own sunblock, but do also be careful to blend it out properly because while it is easy to spread and blend, and might look fine in the mirror, the pigments do refract light and it might be visible if your coverage is uneven. (See near my jaw in the right image above where I didn't take note to pat away the excess product.)

The only skins I would say this might not be suited to would be the very oily and very dry. All volatile-oil foundations are a bit paradoxical because they're very weightless feeling and most set matte or velvety, which appeals to oilier skins. But at the same time, they are oil-based, and the volatile oil formulas sometimes don't set that well on very oily skins, or certain skincare products.

Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation retails for SGD88 from 1 April and will be available in shades 010, 020, 030, 040

Nude Air Loose Powder and Healthy Glow Compact Powder

The Nude Air powders are designed to be like "intelligent fabrics" which are breathable and also contain skincare ingredients to help limit absorption of harmful particles.

Now these will give more of a matte finish to the skin when just applied, which is expected. The textures are ultra-light and weightless, as with the foundation, but for me personally, the key differentiation would be the skincare benefits.

The loose powder will instantly cut most of the shine from the skin, even though it doesn't have that unnatural mask-like effect some powders can create. It adds no coverage, and I don't personally find that it helps provide any additional color correction, so it's literally just an additional step to set your base.

My personal preference is for the pressed compact powder because it can do double-duty (many people who want a matte and perfected finish also prefer a little more coverage). Plus, it's easier to use and more portable.

And ultimately, if you love the Dior quilting and packaging in general, compact powder IS the key item you would bring out. So if you have to pick one, I would pick the compact. Besides being more portable and having more coverage, it also comes with its own kabuki brush, if you prefer using a brush instead of a powder puff.

But this is not a powder foundation; it's a pressed touch-up powder. So don't expect high coverage.

Same as the foundation, both powders contain skincare properties, which is great for adding extra antioxidant protection to the skin in the day, but don't contain sun protection.

The Diorskin Nude Air Loose Powder retails for SGD88, and the Compact Powder for SGD86 in shades matching the serum foundations.


  1. Love seeing your reviews here on bloggers!
    I love base makeup range from Dior. For one thing, I can at least find an exact match from what's offered here in the U.S. (No such luck with Chanel, though).
    Not that I'd need another foundation, but the new Diorskin Nude Air Serum sounds so tempting. So far, I've only heard good things.
    How would you compare this to the new NARS foundation?

    1. The NARS has a higher coverage and is a bit more matte! If it's Summer or you have oily skin or some blemishes or marks to cover, it would probably be the better option. The Dior is a bit more hydrating and smoothing and I think it's more flattering for dry skins/climates or if you have some fine lines etc that you want to smooth over.

      Of course, the fact that it has skincare properties is quite a big edge on the NARS, but if you need something that sits better on oilier skin then the NARS is the better one!

  2. Hi! I think we have the same skin tone! May I ask what shade did you use in Nude Air Serum Foundation?

    Tried Medium Beige 30, it didn't look really good. Was looking for something more yellow.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi! I've been craving these for a long time then I read your review. Which one you recommend for me, loos powder or compact powder? I've been looking powder that can gives me a natural finish but better color for my skin tone. (Ps; I'm not foundation person, but I like to my skin have some color)

  4. It would be nice if you mentioned which shades you have got these products in?

  5. Can i ask which shade did u use? thank you

  6. What are the best under eye concealers and setting powders you can think of?
    I have a similar skin tone to yours but probably more dehydrated skin.
    I'm in need of something that either blurs my 3:00 pm dehydration lines or brightens my eye area.

    Thanks so much!

  7. qual a cor da sua base vou comprar hoje e minha pele é igual a sua

    afetuosamente eu sou

  8. qual a cor da sua base vou comprar hoje e minha pele é igual a sua

    afetuosamente eu sou

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