Friday, April 29, 2011

Lazy Face: High-sheen neutral eye

This look was soooo simple it's almost embarrassing. It's also appropriate for work and school, but still eye-catching without being too much.
You need 3 things.
  1. A dark brown shadow for your lashline and outer half of crease.
  2. A soft metallic neutral beige-brown (e.g. below) that's - here's the important bit - a little deeper than your skin color, but very high-shine. This goes all over the inner 2/3 of your lids up to the socket, and on your brow bone.
  3. Mascara.

  • As you look at it in the pan, the tone should be a little deeper than your foundation shade. But when it catches the light, it should be much lighter.
  • The shadow should be translucent rather than chalky and opaque.
  • This type of color will be able to multi-function as highlight AND shading color, and can help emphasize bone structure with minimal effort and skill.
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