Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HAUL! 120 Palette Swatches Part 1

My 120 palette just came in the post today.

And it’s gorgeous.

There are a handful of matte shades which have pretty much no color payoff, and start to “fossilize” the moment you rub them with a finger, but luckily they were mostly lime green and nothing I would wear out.
The other con is that there are a few shades which look pretty much like dupes of each other, so I’m not sure you can say there are 120 shades.

Below are swatches of 1 of the 2 pans encased within. Do note that the flash makes some deep colors much lighter than they appear in real life.

PAN 1: (lower pan in the top image, starting from right to left rows)

Row 1 - The bright amber on the left is gorgeous. The matte canary beside it takes some work to build up, but not much more than you would with MAC’s version.

Row 2 - Oranges and corals. The corals have fantastic payoff. They are actually velvet/matte in real life, but apply great.

Row 3 - the most problematic. You can see on the lime pan below my arm how the shadow has hardened to something like “tailor’s chalk” with rubbing. I had to scrape with a spatula to get color. But the rest, being satin/shimmer ones, were great.

Row 4 - Turquoise. A whole row of Tiffany Blues. Pretty.

Row 5 - Aquamarines and deeper greens. One of the best rows in terms of quality. These shades look deeper in real life and can give a colorful smoky look.

Row 6 - True Blues. The ones of the left are deeper, almost close to navy, but the shimmer picks up the light. The couple of indigos (blue-purples) in the center are lovely as well.

Row 7 - Mauves/Lilacs. These speak for themselves. Another lovely row, although I am not sure I would wear the right-most colors. Pearl pink is a little too 80’s for me.

Row 8 - Great greys to ivories to whites. The dud is the black on the far-left. Yes. That was supposed to be black. And I had to swatch it several times just to get that color. Now you know what I mean.

Row 9 - The Barbie row! Lurrrrv. I am not one to wear pink anywhere near my eyes, but the magenta, fuschia and matte neon pink is SOOOO gorgeous I might just pull a Nicki Minaj with them.

Row 10, my favorite. Some very outstanding multi-faceted terracottas, browns, and one odd pumpkin which is similar to a shade I’d been lemming at Make Up Store. This row would be fun if you have cool-colored eyes (grey, green, blue, violet).

Go to part 2 and a mini-review of the 120 palette here.

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  1. Your work is time-consuming but you know that it is well done! Rose


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