Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lime Crime Chinchilla Opaque Grey Lipstick (Lip Noir Collection)

Lime Crime Chincilla Opaque Grey Lipstick

This strange lavender-grey lip shade has, for some very odd reason, become an obsession for me. I know I would likely never wear this out, but it makes me soooo curious! This is part of the Lip Noir Limited Edition collection, and is by far the most amazing shade within.

This would probably be great for toning down any lavender or pink lipsticks, but $16 is not a lip-mixer price. If I got this, I'd have to love it on its own.

Chinchilla is available on for US$16.
What odd lip shades have you been fascinated by, lately?

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  1. Ooh it looks so pretty! Im so torn on this, I want is so much but I have a horrible feeling i'd never wear it out in public. Curse my need to not be stared at!


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