Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wearing Lavender / Purple Lips!

L-to-R: MAC Up The Amp Lipstick, Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn Lipstick, MAC Going Casual Cremesheen Glass, MAC English Accents Lipglass (L.E.), NYX Power (round) lipstick

I love lavender lips. And by purple/lavender, I don’t mean purplish or cool-toned pinks. I mean REALLY purple. 

TIP: The lighter the shade, the more opaque the lip color should be, because glosses will creep and sink into creases and folds in your lips, and anything lighter than your natural lip color is going to stand out like chalky lavender zebra stripes. Not fun. (In fact, I did not post pictures of the 2 glosses I swatched above, as they sank into every line I didn’t know I had. Definitely better over a nude base color like Revlon Soft Nude.)

If you want to wear pale purple glosses, your best bet is to layer them over a nude lipstick or a liner of some sort, although that alters their color.

NYX Power Lipstick

View some lip swatches here!


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