Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Lip Shade: Barry M Sunset Lip Paint Review and Swatch!

Swatches (L-to-R): NYX Indie Flick (matte), Barry M Sunset, Revlon Kiss Me Coral, NYX Haute Melon

I mentioned my Barry M haul a couple of days ago, and I've tested all of them in the last couple of days. Of the lot, I have to say #151 Sunset is probably my first recommendation, although I do really like most of the others as well.

Coral Lipsticks (L-to-R): NYX Haute Melon,Revlon Kiss Me Coral, Barry M Sunset, NYX Indie Flick (matte)

The shade itself is a true vermillion-coral creme (think Disney's Ariel) that I enjoy for its opacity, and ability to make the skin glow. 

You can wear this with deep-bronze, dewy skin for the super-hot "Summer-vacation" look, or you can matte your skin and paint on kitten flick liner for a retro pin-up look. 

Barry M Sunset is very opaque and saturated compared to the Revlon and NYX, while retaining its sheen very well. (I'd say it has a similar texture to an Amplified Creme lipstick.)

Barry M Sunset stays on well through drinks and talking, and I find you get more applications out of firmer, more pigmented lipsticks like these. (You know how you seem to go through some tubes of glossy lipsticks so fast because they are too soft and creamy?)

Visit my TUMBLR for the tutorial featuring this lip shade!

The Weekend Mouth: Barry M Lip Paint in Sunset, with NYX Cinnamon Blush and black accented eyes.


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