Sunday, August 28, 2011

Featured Lip Shade: Barry M Baby Pink Lip Paint Review and Swatch!

Barry M Baby Pink Lip Paint worn over NYX Dolly Pink Liner

To continue in my individual reviews of Barry M Lip Paints, the second shade I'm reviewing is 100  Baby Pink, the center lipstick below (click to go to the haul post). This is probably the hardest to work with of the bunch, partly due to the texture but mostly due to the shade.

Barry M Lip Paints with flash in (L-to-R): 151 Sunset, 147 Peachy Pink, 100 Baby Pink, 62 Vibrant Pink, 52 Shocking Pink 

Barry M Baby Pink is a super-pale cotton-candy pink with a fair amount of white pigment. The texture is satiny with very low sheen, so your lips would need to be in perfect condition or it would highlight every flaw. It's also fairly opaque and quite matte.

I'm NC25, and on me it's already too pale on its own, but if you want that cool-toned doll-pink lip that girls get with lip colors like VIVA Glam Gaga and Saint Germain, but found they were not pale enough for you (i.e. NC15-NW20 and fairer) this lipstick would be absolutely perfect for you. It is very similar in tone to Sephora's Candid Candy pencil, if a little less nude-toned and more true pink, so if you like that, you would probably love this.

On anyone deeper than NC30 or deeper, it would probably look like you have white lipstick on, so I don't really recommend this for you. Get Lime Crime Great Pink Planet or NYX Strawberry Milk.

NYX Narcissus, Revlon Pink Pout, Barry M Baby Pink

From the swatches above, you can see just how pale Baby Pink is beside NYX Narcissus and Revlon Pink Pout. It gave me "Strawberry Chalk" lips more than Strawberry Milk. Without flash, the color is less "white" and quite true to the lip swatch at the top.

Some people consider this a dupe of Saint Germain by MAC, but I do beg to differ. Saint Germain is much closer to NYX Dolly Pink pencil, and is a slightly more intense blue-pink than Baby Pink by Barry M. It's also an opaque Amplified lipstick with a creamy texture. Baby Pink does not apply as thick because it's a physically "harder" lipstick than Saint Germain (not so much product comes off onto your lips in one swatch), which is no big deal as it still builds up to opaque coverage with about 2 layers or so.

The thing is that because it's so pale, those with very pigmented lips would need to touch up more, simply because any uneven coverage would be instantly visible. But I have to say it does stay even-looking a bit better than other super-pale lipsticks or glosses simply because it clings to the lip surface more.

  • In the image at the top, I applied Baby Pink over my favorite NYX's Dolly Pink pencil (cool baby-pink) to bring down the chalkiness a bit, and for a more lasting even finish. This way, when you drink, talk or press your lips together, your lip color stays even. 
  • Apply a layer on the lips without going over your lip line, and rub it around with your finger to even it out.
  • I used it to increase opacity and as a mixer for other lip shades that I don't love too much. Example below is Barry M Baby Pink with Revlon Stormy Pink, a notoriously difficult lipstick to work with.

(L-to-R) Barry M Baby Pink, Revlon Stormy Pink, mixture of both.

Click here for a Barry M Baby Pink Lip Paint Tutorial!


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