Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Favorite Eye Pencils

Mattes (L-to-R): Revlon Matte Kohl Eyeliner in 05 Very Violet, Make Up Store Vanilla matte pencil,  Revlon Matte Kohl  Eyeliner in 04 Pure White, The Body Shop Special Edition Kajal Eyeliner #01

  1.  Revlon Matte Kohls are great because they are so strong and opaque, but creamy enough to apply without tugging too much on your skin. I like Very Violet along the upper lash line in a colorful kitten flick because it's deep and matte enough for good definition, but you still get strong color. Pure White can be used along the waterline. Note that matte whites tend to work better and stay stronger than pearly ones, which sheer out easily, and will not survive the water line.
  2. Make Up Store's Vanilla matte pencil is my absolute favorite pencil. I haven't been able to find a similar matte pale yellow-beige shade from other brands. This is the best possible color for the water line when you want to brighten and widen, without the harshness of white pencil. TIP: I also use it on any dark spots or marks that need some precision concealing.
  3. The Body Shop Special Edition Kajal: I liked the creaminess and the twist up tube enough to buy a backup but there are plenty of great black pencils out there, MAC Smolder being one of them. This just happens to be one I enjoy and have on hand.

Metallic liners (L-to-R): Sephora Flashy Liner in 07 Flashy Copper, Bourjois Metallise in 52 Brun Inoxydable, Bourjois Metallise in 54 Bleu Clinquant, Silkygirl Funky Eyelights in 02 Ocean Blue, MAC Eye Kohl in Rosemary & Thyme, and Bourjois Metallise in 87 Vert Eclatant
I don't use my metallic liners as much as I should, but I'm not funky enough to wear these all the time. Liners DO need touching up over the course of the day, ESPECIALLY along the lower lash line and water line, and these are where I tend to apply my metallics.

  1. Bourjois Regard Effet Metallise: Great range of shades and great silky textures. These make fantastic eyeshadow bases, and come in some amazingly strong and bright shades that stay true to color when applied. (Some pencils go on duller and sheerer than they appear.)
  2. Sephora Flashy Liners: I did not get many shades as I already have a big collection of Bourjois ones, but I do find these very comparable to Bourjois. Flashy Copper is obviously my favorite, but I prefer it over the lids, as it can make your eyes look swollen when worn close at the water line. (It's closer to skin shade for me.)
  3. Silkygirl: This is a drugstore brand available in Southeast Asia. It's cheaper than the usual brands like Revlon and Bourjois, but the quality isn't entirely on par. They go on less opaque and less evenly than some other brands. Still, Ocean Blue is a lovely steel-blue leaning towards indigo that I love to wear along the lower lash line, with just a neutral wash of beige-brown on the lids. You just need to re-apply every few hours to keep the color strong.
  4. MAC Eye Kohls used to be the only brand of colored liners I owned, but I don't find them to be as metallic and strong in color as other brands, although they are "smokier" in tone. There are still some great shades and if you are shy of color, these are a better way to acclimatize yourself first. Draw along the lash line and smudge with a finger for a hint of smoky definition without too much color.


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