Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Hot Pink: NYX Cancun Pink Black Label Lipstick

NYX Cancun Pink is a bright, blue-based pink that is creamy, pigmented, and (to me) extremely beautiful. While some love has been shown to Hot Pink from the same Black Label range as a creamy version of MAC Candy Yum Yum, Cancun Pink is more opaque.

The bonus is that it also does not stain the lips the way NYX Hot Pink and Candy Yum Yum do.

L-to-R: NYX Paris, NYX Cancun Pink, MAC Pink Nouveau

At just under $5 from Beautyjoint.com, it's definitely more expensive than the round lipsticks, but then this has been one of my favorite NYX purchases to date, and I think it would look wicked regardless of whether you have uber-pale or very deep skin tone. 


  1. Those lipsticks are one of my favorites - love the formula and color range. I overdid the bright lips this summer, so I'm kind of over it for now. Lol. At least I can play up my eyes now.

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