Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wet n Wild Coloricon "Greed" Palette (Glam Look)

This is a second look featuring the Wet n Wild Coloricon Palette "Greed". Previously, I did a softer, more colorful look using the shimmery and coral-toned shades. This time, it's more a play on shapes and contrast than washes of color.

Step 1: Apply eyeshadow base over the lids, then black kohl pencil along the upper and lower lash lines. Smudge along the upper lids, and then re-line right at the root of lashes so it is darker there.

Step 2: Using a flat, firm brush, pack the matte black shade along the liner on upper and lower lids, and then extend outward in a wing. It should be thicker at the outer halves, and not too curved.

Step 3: Apply the shimmery coral in the lid area, not extending up past the socket line. Then use a small brush to blend matte coral along the outer half of the socket lines for some subtle contouring.

Step 4: Using a clean pencil brush, run the silvery-gold shade along the inner half of the socket line. This gives shape and very interesting contrast.

Step 5: Apply black liquid liner close tot he lash line, and then false lashes and black mascara to finish the look.

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