Saturday, August 13, 2011

Duping MAC Pink Nouveau

Top-to-Bottom: MAC Pink Nouveau, NYX Matte Summer Breeze, and  Etude House  VIP Girl PK009

If you don’t have access, or don’t want to pay so much for MAC’s Pink Nouveau, but want a bright pink, here are 2 quick options.

NYX Summer Breeze matte lipstick and Etude House VIP Girl PK009.
Note they are not 100% dupes. I’d say they are about 90-95% similar. Both are a twinge less blue-toned than Pink Nouveau, so if you are attracted to true pinks, but find Pink Nouveau a tad too “cool”, try these other two.
Texture wise, NYX Summer Breeze is MUCH closer to the satin finish of the MAC but with a faint touch more peach in the base. The Etude House lipstick is glossy in texture, so you won't get that full-on opaque doll-pink mouth as you would with the NYX and MAC versions. If you have dry lips, or don’t like a matte finish, get this.

Cost wise, NYX wins. The Etude House lipstick might possibly be cheaper if you’re in South Korea (but then I can't say for sure). It’s a little marked up in other parts of the world. But if you are just buying ONE lipstick though, getting PK-009 from your local Etude might be cheaper than footing the shipping cost for NYX.


  1. I actually got Summer Breeze because of your comparison and I love it!

  2. @Lerina: That's great! Really glad you like the shade. (I keep having to stop myself from ordering more Summer Breezes as backups, it's crazy...)

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