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BARRY M Lip Paint Haul and Swatches!

Barry M Lip Paints with flash in (L-to-R): 151 Sunset, 147 Peachy Pink, 100 Baby Pink, 62 Vibrant Pink, 52 Shocking Pink

Ahh... my beautiful babies have arrived from the UK. And the first thing I thought once I ripped off the plastic seals and uncapped these was, "Lime Crime!" 

And it's no wonder, as the brand is known for strong colors. Barry Ms come in matte black plastic tubes partially reminiscent of Nars, but not quite as weighty or sturdy in the hands. On first sight in the tubes, I have to say 100 Baby Pink is gorgeous. And 62 Vibrant Pink looks even brighter than the ever-popular 52 Shocking Pink. 

None of them had broken, but these lipsticks will smoosh against the sides on impact, so be careful with them if you hate that as much as me.

Pink-Peach Nudes

(L-to-R) Barry M 147 Peachy Pink, Lime Crime Cosmopop, MAC Creme Cup

In the tube, compared to the other Barry M shades, I'd immediately wanted to compared Peachy Pink with Lime Crime Cosmopop. But once swatched, the difference became apparent. Peachy Pink is a satin finish warm coral nude, and a good deal more matte than the other two swatched here. 

It's warmer and a little easier to wear than Cosmopop, but it's still very nude on the lips. The Lime Crime is more visibly a milky orange due to the high white-pigment content. Creme Cup is similar in depth but more pink, although the swatches look a bit closer in real life, without flash.

I do have to say it's a very pretty peach-nude shade. 


(L-to-R)  NYX Indie Flick, Barry M 151 Sunset, Revlon Kiss Me Coral , NYX Haute Melon

In real life, Barry M 151 Sunset is deeper in tone than NYX Haute Melon. While it has a lustre-finish, it is a good deal less "slippery" than the NYX, so you will get more even coverage and longer wear. I didn't think this lipstick would be opaque, compared to the other Barry Ms, but as you can see above, it is really intense even when swatched next to NYX's Indie Flick, and has a great lustrous texture without being all slippery and glossy.

Read a more detailed review here!
Baby Pinks
(L-to-R) Barry M 100 Baby Pink, Lime Crime Great Pink Planet, NYX Jupiter

Barry M 100 Baby Pink is pale, pale, pale. The texture was a bit dry initially, and I had to stroke it a few times to get the color going. But it is a beautiful cotton candy pink that can make you look like a Ganguro girl if you are not careful. I think it would look absolutely wicked on uber-pale girls though.

If you're tan, Lime Crime's Great Pink Planet would probably be a better opaque pink for you, as Baby Pink can look a bit chalky on anyone but the very pale. I'll report back after I've worn it on my lips! (Lips are sore and sensitive due to some allergies, so I'm not going to be swatching and removing matte lipsticks repeatedly.)

I also included NYX Jupiter in this swatch comparison as it has the same cotton-candy pink highlights, but its base-tone is a warmer sheer pink with a salmon tone.

 Hot Pinks:

Top (L-to-R) Barry M 62 Vibrant Pink, Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent, MAC Pink Nouveau
Bottom (L-to-R) Barry M 52 Shocking Pink, NYX Shocking Pink (Matte), NYX  Cancun Pink (Black Label)

As usual, my addiction to super-hot pinks seems to have no end, and Barry M 52 Shocking Pink is the body-double to MAC's infamous Candy Yum Yum. It's even more of a dupe than NYX's matte lipstick of the same name; Shocking Pink.

As seen above (sorry for the slightly blurry shot), the NYX is a bit duskier and less opaque than the Barry M. In terms of finish, Barry M 52 Shocking Pink is fully matte, while NYX Shocking Pink is more of a satin. To their right, NYX Cancun Pink is a less opaque gloss finish, but is very similar to the other two in tone though the shadow may make it seem otherwise.

Barry M 62 Vibrant Pink was a bit of a surprise. The website swatches are terrible representations of the actual shades, and I was half expecting this to be a deeper pink. Not so. Shocking Pink is more blue and just a touch deeper. Vibrant Pink is a true hot-pink that leans neither towards red, nor blue.

It is also ever so slightly lighter in tone than Shocking Pink, and less of a true matte finish. I have to say Barry M Vibrant Pink is an almost identical dupe to Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent aside from the finish (Countessa Fluorescent is like an Amplified lipstick and Vibrant Pink a satin), so if you can't get hold of Lime Crime or just don't like the price range, stick with Barry M.

P.S. MAC Pink Nouveau looks very subdued in comparison to these crazy pinks.


Barry M does make great color makeup, and I love that they have such unapologetic colors. I am not generally a loud and boisterous person (except with close friends or colleagues), so I tend to let my lipstick do the talking. 

Barry M Lip Paints without flash, in (L-to-R): 151 Sunset, 147 Peachy Pink, 100 Baby Pink, 62 Vibrant Pink, 52 Shocking Pink

I say Barry M gives great value for the quality of its products, but do not expect to compare the textures to your favorite MAC, Nars or even Lime Crime lipsticks. They tend to be dryer than many of the other lipsticks I own, but they're not the driest around (yoohoo, Ruby Woo...). Still, if you have parched lips, I wouldn't recommend these. NYX round and black label lipsticks would be much better for you.

Similar to NYX, there is difference in consistency among products from the same range. I did not get any shimmers, only the cremes, and 4 out of 5 have a satin-to-matte finish, which I happen to like but you should take note of in case you don't.

Barry Ms are more expensive than NYX @ £4.49 each, though I bought mine for £3.74 per tube using a Summer promo code (SUMMER10). I do expect them to be more pigmented and intense, based on their brand caveat and the price difference. 
So far, they have been. 

Detailed Shade-by-shade reviews and comparison swatches below!


  1. Your post has helped me find a new lippie! :) xoxo

  2. Can you you tell me your secret for beautifully prepped lips!

    1. Hi Ree, my lips are actually quite sensitive some lip products cause allergic reactions after wearing for a couple of hours (i.e. flaking and even rashes). When that happens, the best thing I've found to keep them really well-prepped is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream!
      It's got a bit of salicylic acid, which helps to soften and loosen dead cells. I will apply 8 Hour Cream like a balm, leave on for as long as I can to let it sit and work, and then rub gently with my fingers to loosen any loose bits of skin before I apply lip color.

  3. Hi Candace, I love your swatches! Do you order your Barry M products directly from their site? I ordered a Barry M lipstick from ASOS (where I usually order my UK drugstore brands), but we had a bit of a discrepancy. They had sent me the wrong one, so I don't really want to order Barry M from them again. How much was shipping approx.? I live in HK so I'm guessing shipping charges will be more or less the same.

    I love checking your instagram every morning, really brightens up my day :)

    Linzi x


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